This privacy policy applies to all of the services, applications, products, and websites offered by ClarionCall Limited (CCL) or its subsidiaries and affiliated companies.
We take your privacy and data protection very seriously and we comply fully with the terms of the Data Protection Act 2018. The Act sets out strict standards on how CCL collects, manages, and stores your Personal Data.
CCL is registered under the Data Protection Act (2008), registration number Z9319063. If you have any questions or queries please send an email to
Personal data and information you provide us with shall be kept confidential.
We shall only use this information to deliver our services and manage our relationship with you. We shall never sell or rent your or your members/users information to a third party.
We only store and process personal data on secure servers located in the UK and protect that information with 128Bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. We restrict the number of people in our organisation with access to your personal data and ensure that they are managed according to strict policies and procedures.
We reserve the right to disclose personal data to the appropriate regulatory or legal authorities if required to do so.
CCL collects information in order to (a) operate our communications services such as email, text, web forms or enquiries (b) authenticate you as a valid user (c) provide detailed reports and operational information to our clients and their authorised users (d) optimise our system performance and resolve specific support queries.
Our information sources are:
 (a) Information you provide us with in order for us to deliver our service. This includes user contact data we extract from your MIS system using our automated routines, your personal contact data for notification of new or changed services, support responses, and/or commercial matters; and information provided by you as a result of completing an enquiry form.
 (b) Cookies – CCL websites use cookies to identify users, improve our support service response, and personalise services. A cookie is a text message sent to your browser by our web server and is stored by your browser typically in a text file. Each time your browser requests a page from our server, this message is sent back.
  (c) Log information – when you access the CCL our servers log files every time a page is accessed. This information is used to measure how our systems are performing. We aggregate this data so that our log files do not identify any person or individual. These logs include the IP address of the device or computer requesting the page, name of page(s) accessed, page elements requested, browser type, date, and time of request, and any error messages.
 (d) User Communications – as part of our services we provide detailed reports (e.g. message history), which require us to collect information. For instance, when your users send or receive SMS messages we collect and maintain information related to those messages such as the phone number, the email address, the message content, the message group (e.g. organisation, team, class etc.), the date and time of the message being sent or responded to etc.
It is your responsibility to maintain up to date and accurate personal contact data for your members/users in your MIS system. CCL’s automated system extracts changes to this data in order to provide an effective service according to a predefined schedule. If any community member/user (e.g. parent, employee, contractor, supplier etc.) wishes to change their data or remove it from the service it is your responsibility to administer this through your own systems.
As a function of CCL’s communications service, customers acknowledge that certain data sent by them (e.g. message content) could be publicly accessible to your authorised members/users or your specified group.
No authorised member can view the contact data or personal information belonging to another. Only the customer (e.g. school, business, club) and/or the individual member (e.g. parent/employee) can see their individual contact data.
If a member (e.g. parent, pupil, employee) wishes to view information we hold on them they can access our Message Centre (CC Release 2.1 only) where they can see their personal contact information and message history. They may also request a copy of all the information we hold on them in our systems by sending an email to . Please note we shall charge a nominal administrative fee of £10.00 for every request received.
We may use your personal contact data for future email contact, support, and updates on changes to our services. If you wish to opt out from receiving such emails please inform us by email on .
By submitting your information and using the CCL service you consent to CCL using your and your members personal data to provide services as set out in this policy, our terms and conditions, and as described on our website.
If we make changes to this policy we shall keep you informed by placing prominent notices on our web pages and updating the existing policy wording on our website.